Saturday, 26 February 2011

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Birthday, Biking and Binoculars

It's been a busy month so far!

James celebrated his 10th birthday - I really can't believe he's 10!  He's so grown up and such a responsible young man, and I'm a very proud mum!

The LaserStorm was the centre of the celebrations, and all the reports back from the boys was that they had an amazing time.

Ben had a close encounter with some Shetland Ponies in Spalding - I love moments like these, when you expect a normal trip out, and it becomes something a bit different and unexpected........

Today really felt like the first day of Spring (according to the weather reports, this may be short lived!) and so Ben and I tried to make the most of it by going out on my bike for the first time since last summer.

Ben thought it was excellent!  He spent most of the time either giggling, pointing out other bikes and cars, or tickling my back, although the excitement of being on the bike did lead to a massive tantrum around the Co-Op as he wanted to stay on it..........

And finally, on to the binoculars!  Ben found them under the boys' bed whilst I was clearing their room and he laid quite happily on the bed with them to his face, saying "See, See", but I was not taking a great deal of notice as he seemed very happy.  It was only a short while later, whilst sitting downstairs, that I saw how he was using them...........

Despite being shown how to use them, he still refuses to put them to his eyes, preferring to use his nose - funny little boy!

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Gymnastic Competition and Fun Farm

Had my first experience of a Gymnastic competition!

So proud of Robert as he tried really hard - he's never done anything like it before and he concentrated well and listened to what he was told, plus he's excellent at the Backwards Roll and the Vault.

Had a slightly satisfying moment when I had to tell James and Robert's dad off for playing a game on James' "Tab" with the volume up, which I could hear from the opposite side of the Gymnasium and all the other parents were tutting.  Just goes to prove that him turning up was just for show as he was more interested in that than watching his son compete.

Robert was so proud with his certificate for taking part - I would be more than surprised if he made it through to the final 10, but I hope he has gained from the whole experience.

And so, onto the videos and photos from today - please feel free to fast forward through them - they are here for future memories as opposed to their filming excellence!

We then spent the rest of the afternoon at the Fun Farm.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Lost My Head!

Tonight, Si managed to catch my little man's attachment to me on camera.

In the last couple of weeks, Ben has begun to accept me being in the kitchen whilst he's in the living room, and in the afternoon, he allows me up to 20 mintues to prep tea providing he's got snacks, drinks and Beebies.  But, there are other times, when I can't give him the attention he wants so he gets as close as he can.......

And then, we have Grandad's Little Man!..........

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Ben's "Lello" and Robert's News!

Had a rough couple of days with Ben not sleeping too well, but last night was better so fingers crossed he's getting over his snuffles and normality will resume without Si's and my snuffles getting any worse!

I took Ben to the Park and managed to catch his sweet little "Lello" on tape.  He now says it to anything when he first sees it and sounds so cute.

And the big news from Robert.........

He's been picked for the School's Gymnastic Squad for this weekend!

He has never been to any gymnastic clubs or anything like that, so it must just be natural ability (obviously inherited from me! Amusing for anyone who remembers me from being the most un-sporty child ever!)

I will update how he gets on, but just being picked makes me so proud!

Sunday, 30 January 2011

I Hate Tidying!

Now the plans have been passed for the extension, the serious work begins!

I spent 3 hours yesterday and 2 hours today trying to sort out the boys' room as theirs is going to be the first one to be tackled.

Even left Si working on it whilst I went to pick them up from their dad's and still looks like so much to be done!  How pleased I am that we're only doing  one room at a time and not moving house!

Still managed to squeeze in a big Roast Pork lunch (Slimming World friendly!), tomorrow's weigh in day and think I've been pretty good this week, I've managed to steer clear of chocolate and the only days were on Friday (Indian Takeaway and wine) and last night (2 glasses of wine before I fell asleep).  I will be really upset if I haven't reached the stone mark.  This time round, the Slimming World diet feels a bit more sustainable than any other time, so as long as I keep seeing loses each week of at least 1lb, I'll be happy as I'll get to where I want to be eventually!